Catalog/Standard Products:

At CVI Laser Optics, part of IDEX Optical Technologies, we were literally born to support the industrial and scientific laser community!  It’s even in our name (the Roman numerals CVI stands for 100+5+1 or 1.06 Microns – which is the very first type of laser coating (Nd:YAG) that we designed way back in 1979!  Since then we have evolved and expanded our capabilities, but we always have kept our focus on our core customers – those intrepid individuals who are designing and manufacturing optical systems which require only the highest quality optics.  In addition, we understand that our customers need to be able to access a variety of component types and dimensions quickly in order to test their ideas and build to their vision.   This is why we continue to stock a vast catalog of quality components at a reasonable price.   Visit our “Shop Optical Products” link to browse our selection, or send us an email at if you need something that you don’t see in our catalog – we may be able to help!

Custom Optical Components/Complex Optical Assemblies:
What are we doing when we’re not supplying world class catalog and off the shelf optical components?   We’re working with some of the world’s largest OEM companies to design and manufacture custom optics and optical sub-systems. Build to print or start with a back of the envelope idea, we work with our customers wherever they are in their design and production cycle.   Our mission is not to be just another supplier, but to function as a trusted partner in order to add value where it will most benefit our OEM customer organizations.  Leveraging decades of optical sub-system design experience, assembly and test, we look to support our customers by supplying complete optical sub-systems.  Working from your prints and work instructions, we will use our global supply chain network to source your material with best cost and quality in mind.  Next, using our highly experienced team of manufacturing engineers and technicians, we will assemble and test your optical sub-system in our state of the art clean-rooms.   We will build to your exacting specifications and it will be on-time and in-spec, every time!   Are you interested in discussing a custom optic or optical sub-system?  Send us an email at and we will be happy to discuss your requirements.