Optical Sub-systems and Complex Assemblies

At CVI Laser Optics, we are your partner in the design, fabrication, and manufacture of your critical optical subsystems and complex optical assemblies.   With our vertically integrated value chain, we have the resources and experience to assist with each important step. Having control over the design and production process enables us to provide rapid turnaround time and a high-quality product.

Our team of engineers will work with you to assist with the design and manufacture of your optical subsystems and complex assemblies at any design maturity level. We understand the importance of precision alignment and placement and will work to meet tight tolerances.

Our state-of-the-art optics shop enables us to manufacture custom, high precision glass and crystal optical components that may be utilized in an optical train. We work closely with the production and process teams to determine the most efficient way to manufacture. Our in-house machine shop permits us to make tooling that may be necessary for production or for parts needed in an optical assembly.

Optical coatings can be customized to meet specific requirements. World class coatings are often key to successful high-power laser applications. The team of coating engineers will work to optimize a coating solution for your exact application. Our proprietary surface preparations, coating designs, and consistent processes lead to long lifetimes and high damage thresholds.

We have a cleanroom to ensure that our optical products have the absolute minimal contamination from airborne and molecular contaminants. All optical sub-systems and complex optical assemblies are manufactured, aligned, and tested within our clean-rooms until they are packaged and hermetically sealed. Specification testing and measurement are carried out in our metrology lab where we can customize our laser bench setup and have instrumentation to be utilized for optical centering, laser alignment, and other necessary testing so that we may adhere to the most stringent requirements.

You can depend on CVI Laser Optics to be your partner in the development and manufacturing of your critical optical sub-systems and complex assemblies. You can rely on our expertise to find the most cost-effective solution to meet your requirements, and quickly bring you to market. From simple to more complex designs, our team is ready to exceed expectations. Please reach out to us at any time to discuss your project.



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