Prototyping to Production

Reduce Prototype Cost and Risk with ONE Streamlined Solution

At CVI Laser Optics, we provide you with expert engineering support to take your optics from concept to implementation in volume quickly, cost-effectively, and with minimal risk. We focus on design for manufacturability, balancing cost and performance to define specifications that meet your needs long term. By using a single, high-performance vendor from the start, you avoid time-consuming and expensive requalification of parts.

Stocked Materials

Prototypes can be manufactured from a broad range of materials spanning wavelengths from UV to NIR. Our engineers will work with you to select the right balance between optical and environmental performance for your application.

Material Index (at 633nm) Max Diameter
7980 1-D 1.457 3.0”
7979 1-C 1.457 2.0”
N-BK7 1.5151 3.0”
CaF2 1.4329 1.0”
N-SF5 1.66846 1.0”
N-SF6 1.7988 1.0”
N-SF11 1.7786 1.0”
Zerodur 1.5403 1.0”