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  • Optical Mirrors

    We carry a comprehensive line of durable, high efficiency optical mirrors for beam steering, sampling, and laser cavity or alignment applications at high laser power. Partial and high reflectivity optical mirrors are available directly from stock in narrowband, dual-band, and broadband spectral profiles on flat, wedged, or curved substrates using a variety of robust dielectric and metal coatings, designed for 0° or 45° angle of incidence at wavelengths from 190 nm to 2000nm. Our incredible range of catalog, semi-custom, and fully customized mirrors put the specifications in your hands, allowing you to choose the exact size, substrate curvature, coating type, and reflectivity you need.

  • Spherical Lenses

    Spherical lenses are used to focus, form images, and to collimate or expand light. Our vast selection of lens shapes, materials and lens quality options will allow you to find the right balance between performance and cost for even the most demanding application. Generally, our spherical lens catalog is motivated by laser applications, with a strong focus on high quality and high damage threshold materials. All are available with user-specified high durability, low loss AR coatings. Whatever your application may be, we can assist you with ray-tracing analysis of simple catalog-component systems, and we can guide you to the right catalog or custom lens or lenses for your needs.

  • Cylindrical Lenses

    Cylindrical lenses are used to condense, focus or expand light in a single dimension. Typical applications include laser scanners, holography, optical information processing/computing, spectroscopy, dye lasers, and scanning confocal microscopy. Cylindrical lenses are more challenging to manufacture than flat or spherical optics, which is why we employ best-in-class polishing techniques and exacting metrology to make every lens. We offer catalog, semi-custom, and fully customized lenses to take you from proof of concept through to volume manufacturing or final data, available with any of our high durability, low loss AR coatings.

  • Multielement Lenses

    Multielement lenses are an ideal solution for applications requiring specialized performance and/or a high degree of aberration correction. For instance, when correction over larger apertures, several wavelengths, or a wider field of view is needed, it may be necessary to use a multielement lens as singlet lenses are limited in the amount of aberration correction that they can provide. Our achromats and aplanats are designed to minimize all sources of wavefront distortion for superior beam quality and minimum focal spot sizes, resulting in near diffraction-limited performance at a designed wavelength. Though our multielement lens product line includes a wide range of products and performance off the shelf, it by no means defines our limits. Please contact our technical staff to discuss your application and create a solution perfectly matched to your needs.

  • Waveplates

    Wave retarders transform the polarization of light using birefringence and include both waveplates and polarization rotators. They are used in applications where optimization, control, or analysis of polarization is required. This includes rotating polarization, converting between linear and circular polarization, adjusting ellipticity, or separating wavelengths. We offer a line of high-performance, high damage threshold quartz retarders that includes zero-order, multiple-order, and dual-wavelength waveplates, as well as 90° polarization rotators, the choice being governed by operating wavelength, temperature range, environmental and laser damage durability, and or field of view. They are available in a wide range of sizes, wavelengths, and assembly configurations to fit your application. We can also provide semi-custom and custom retarders to your exact specifications. Contact us today to find the ideal wave retarder for your application.

  • Optical Windows

    Windows are simple yet high-performance substrates with parallel or slightly wedged surfaces. They separate one optical environment from another, and can be used to sample or steer a beam. CVI Laser Optics’ line of catalog and semi-custom windows includes a wide selection of shapes, wedge options, and antireflection coatings. All are manufactured to the same exacting standards for low wavefront distortion, low scatter, and high laser damage threshold to satisfy even the most demanding laser applications.

  • Beamsplitters

    Beamsplitters divide a beam of light by wavelength, power, or polarization, reflecting a portion near 90° and transmitting the rest. The key to selecting a beamsplitter is finding the right combination of power handling, polarization control, and/and beam displacement allowed for the application at hand. Our plate and cube beamsplitters are offered with a wide variety of coating options to help you find the ideal fit. Coating options include polarizing, laser line non-polarizing, ion beam sputtered, broadband dielectric, and broadband hybrid coatings to provide breadth and depth in selection. Assembly methods for cube beamsplitters include index matching optical adhesives or optical contacting, thus allowing for higher energy throughput and/or durability. We understand that every application is unique, which is why we can provide many of our beamsplitters on a semi-custom basis in the precise size, shape, wavelength or split ratio you need. Contact us today to find the catalog, semi-custom or custom solution you need.

  • Polarization Components

    Polarizers can either divide a beam of light into two highly polarized beams (i.e. splitting s- and p-polarized components), making them ideal for isolation or routing of a specific polarization. Extinction ratio and power handling are important factors to consider when choosing a polarizer, particularly for laser applications. With plate and cube formats to choose from, as well as options for 45° AOI or Brewster angle operation, our wide selection allows you to find the right combination of coating type, construction, and angle of operation to suit both your application and budget. The product line up spans from the UV to near-IR, accommodating laser fluences up to 20 J/cm2 at 1064 nm (20 ns, 20Hz pulse) and extinction ratios as high as 5000:1. Whether your application is simple or complex, we can work with you to find the catalog, semi-custom or custom solution you need.

  • Ultrafast Components

    Ultrafast components are primarily used for ultra-short pulse laser applications, and can be found in pump lasers, Ti:sapphire oscillators, amplifiers, and associated experiments.. Our PulseLine products represent the best optics for ultrafast laser use from each of our product families, augmented by select optics that have been designed specifically for pulse lengths ranging from 10 to 130 fs drawing via proprietary techniques to achieve low and/or well-characterized group delay dispersion, as well as low third order dispersion. This covers components as follows: laser line mirrors, broadband dielectric and metallic mirrors, plate polarizers, plate and cube beamsplitters, dispersion-compensating prisms, and antireflection coated windows. At CVI Laser Optics, we understand the delicate balance that must be maintained between beam manipulation and pulse length. We will work with you to create custom optics that minimize temporal and spatial distortion of your beam, while maintaining high efficiency and withstanding high peak power.

  • Prisms

    Prisms are used to steer and/or direct light, with the cut, form, and material determining how they do so. We offer a variety of prism types for bending light, reorienting images, separating wavelengths, and magnifying beams. All are offered in a range of precision-polished materials with antireflection coating options suitable for high power use in laser, scientific, and industrial applications. In addition to custom materials and dimensions, our full line of dielectric and metal coatings are available to create the ideal prism for your system. Prisms are used in industrial applications like laser tracking & alignment, range finding, and atmospheric monitoring. Their broad bandwidth of operation and ability to function at high power make them a common component in laser systems, either for intracavity use in dispersion compensation or as beam separators. Our prisms achieve high laser damage threshold through precise polishing to high surface figure and quality, aided by optional low-loss antireflection coatings.

  • Filters

    Our suite of optical filters includes everything you need to control the wavelength or intensity of light in your system. Drawing on a combination of color glass, metallic films, and dielectric coatings, we offer filters that allow you to balance price and performance within your application for a perfect fit. Bandpass filters can be used to precisely select specific wavelengths from a broadband source. Neutral density filters can attenuate a single laser wavelength, or a broad range of wavelengths, uniformly. We offer multiple filter technologies for many other filter types, ranging from basic performance to premium filters with superior optical performance and durability. Many more can be provided on a quick-turn, semi-custom basis. Custom options are available for center or edge wavelength, shortpass, longpass, or bandpass, and optical blocking.

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